JFrog Platform for DevOps in the Cloud

The JFrog Platform is designed to meet the growing needs of companies to develop and distribute software in the cloud. It provides DevOps teams with the tools needed to create, manage, secure and deploy software with ease. These tools cover everything from continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), binary repository management, artifact maturity, security and vulnerability protection (DevSecOps), release management, analytics and distribution.

JFrog Platform

JFrog Artifactory is an Artifact Repository Manager that fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. Furthermore, it integrates with all major CI/CD and DevOps tools to provide an end-to-end, automated solution for tracking artifacts from development to production.

JFrog Xray provides universal artifact analysis, increasing visibility and performance of your software components by recursively scanning all layers of your organization’s binary packages to provide radical transparency and unparalleled insight into your software architecture.

JFrog Distribution empowers DevOps to distribute and continuously update remote locations with release-ready binaries.

JFrog Artifactory Edge accelerates and provides control of release-ready binary distribution through a secure distributed network and edge nodes.

JFrog Mission Control and Insight is your DevOps dashboard solution for managing multiple services of Artifactory, Xray, Edge and Distribution.

JFrog Access with Federation provides governance to the distribution of artifacts by managing releases, permissions and access levels.

JFrog Pipelines helps automate the non-human part of the whole software development process with continuous integration and empowers teams to implement the technical aspects of continuous delivery.

All of these JFrog Platform components are designed and developed to work together out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. Management and monitoring of your software delivery lifecycle from build to distribution is accessible though a central, unified user interface. The JFrog platform is enterprise ready with your choice of on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid deployments that scale as you grow.

Platform UI