Update our Pipeline

We need to make an update to our CI/CD pipeline in order to use your JFrog Platform instance. The CI/CD pipeline is defined in pipelines.yml. This pipeline file is parameterized with a values.yml file. We need to update this file.

  1. In your Cloud9 terminal, use the editor and view the pipelines.yml file. View and understand the steps. Note the parameterized values.

    Cloud9 Editor Pipelines

  2. The last step in the pipeline, ecs_deploy, deploys our application to an ECS cluster using docker compose with a special ECS context. This is achieved with the deploy.sh script. View this file in the editor.

    Cloud9 Editor Deploy

  3. In the editor, select the values.yml file and updated the parameterized values to point to your JFrog Platform instance and your forked repo. Save the changes.

    Cloud9 Editor Values

  4. In your Cloud9 terminal, commit these changes.

    git add .
    git commit -m 'Updated values.yml.'
  5. Next, push these updates. When prompted for a username and password, use your GitHub username and personal access token/password.

git push origin master

We are now ready to add your CI/CD pipeline and execute!