JFrog Platform with EKS

In this section, we will set up our CI/CD pipeline with JFrog Pipelines. Our pipeline, will take our application and build a docker image. Push it to a Docker repository. Scan it for security vulnerabilities. Then it will promote it. Finally, it will deploy it to our AWS EKS cluster.

Workshop Architecture

We will:

  • Set up the workshop code.
  • Create an Amazon EKS cluster with EKSCTL and KUBECTL.
  • Set up our JFrog Pipelines integrations to connect to GitHub, AWS and our Artifactory repositories.
  • Add our CI/CD pipeline to JFrog Pipelines. Then build and deploy our app.
  • Automatically deploy our app to our EKS cluster.

In this workshop, we use Docker, but the JFrog Platform is a universal solution supporting all major package formats including Alpine, Maven, Gradle, Docker, Conda, Conan, Debian, Go, Helm, Vagrant, YUM, P2, Ivy, NuGet, PHP, NPM, RubyGems, PyPI, Bower, CocoaPods, GitLFS, Opkg, SBT and more.