Update IAM settings for your Workspace

  1. Return to your Cloud9 workspace and click the gear icon (in top right corner).
  2. Select AWS Settings.
  3. Turn off AWS managed temporary credentials.
  4. Close the Preferences tab. c9disableiam

  5. Copy and run the shell commands below in your Cloud9 terminal. These shell commands will:

    • Install jq- jq is a command-line tool for parsing JSON

    • Ensure temporary credentials aren’t already in place.

    • Remove any existing credentials file.

    • Set the region to work with our desired region.

    • Validate that our IAM role is valid.

      sudo yum -y install jq
      rm -vf ${HOME}/.aws/credentials
      export ACCOUNT_ID=$(aws sts get-caller-identity --output text --query Account)
      export AWS_REGION=$(curl -s | jq -r '.region')
      test -n "$AWS_REGION" && echo AWS_REGION is "$AWS_REGION" || echo AWS_REGION is not set
      echo "export ACCOUNT_ID=${ACCOUNT_ID}" | tee -a ~/.bash_profile
      echo "export AWS_REGION=${AWS_REGION}" | 
      tee -a ~/.bash_profile
      aws configure set default.region ${AWS_REGION}
      aws configure get default.region
      aws sts get-caller-identity --query Arn | grep JFrog-Workshop-Admin -q && echo "IAM role valid" || echo "IAM role NOT valid"

If the IAM role is not valid, DO NOT PROCEED. Go back and confirm the steps on this page.

IAM Role Valid